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7 DAY FREE TRIAL Get Started


Support as new teachers when you need it most!

Starting out in the classroom as a new teacher is overwhelming. You have all the theory needed to teach and a passion for teaching - but the practical side of teacher is still a big unknown. 

When you have a supportive experienced mentor you can fast track your career, skip the late nights of preparation and confidently lean into managing behaviour, differentiation and other common challenges for new teachers. We've designed the Enrapture community to be there when you need it most - at an affordable price. 

Before you join the Enrapture community of mentors and new teachers you're feeling overwhelmed with the giant To Do List .. getting familiar with the school procedures and policies, familiarising yourself with all the students and their files, preparing lesson plans, activities and resources, good subject knowledge plus so much more. 

By joining our supportive community you'll:

  • Transform your class dynamics
  • Have ready made engaging resources
  • Access practical advice and support
  • Find time to build relationships with students and parents
  • Get insights and support from like-minded peers


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Completely transformed my class dynamic

“Amelia was an amazing Mentor!  She has the ability to give practical and rational advice when I became stressed, her resources were more engaging than anything I could come up with and the strategies she shared for behaviour management have completely transformed my class dynamic. Thank you so much!” 

Kasey, Adelaide