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Our passion is to look after Teachers

About Enrapture

Enrapture literally means "to give intense pleasure or joy".   

This is the basis of our mentoring programs and the whole reason this personalised company was started - to give intense pleasure and joy to teachers so that they can give it to their students.

Too often in today's climate we hear the negativity around teaching but the truth is that at the heart of the work there is immense pleasure and joy to be had.  Nobody gets into teaching for the pay and the holidays (goodness - I hope not!) - we get into it because we have a passion for helping others - giving pleasure and igniting passion in young people.

We want teachers to love their work - not be overwhelmed with all of the mundane tasks and negativity that the profession brings.  We want teachers to feel happy, supported and confident in what we consider one of the most important tasks in the world - teaching children.

We have ONE motto here at Enrapture Teachers that we live by:

"If it doesn't bring pleasure or joy to teachers, or if it isn't going to make life easier for teachers, then it doesn't make the cut". 

 All of our training, mentoring and programs are based on this motto.

We know you will love it. 

Our Director....

Amelia’s passion is in assisting other teachers to find resources, learn new strategies and to debrief on issues that colleagues have. Through her work as a teacher she has always taken on pre-service teachers, as their Mentor, to help them learn the ropes of the classroom and to fully understand the challenges, and rewards, that teaching brings. Through loving to work with and assist other teachers, Amelia completed her Masters in Educational Leadership and has completed various Coaching and Mentoring courses along the way.

As a current teacher she understands too well the workload that is imparted onto teachers in schools and has devised the Enrapture Program so that she can assist others, like her, to find a little relief, assistance and reassurance – particularly when the tough days hit and things become all too much.

Our Mentors

We work hard to select our mentors to ensure that they are not only experienced in many facets of education, but are passionate about helping teachers be their very best.  They must have extensive curriculum knowledge, as well as the skills to apply them in fun and engaging ways.  They are able to communicate their knowledge of all things teaching with our community in ways that assist beyond the nitty gritty of curriculum knowledge, too - the day-to-day life of being a teacher.  We also require our mentors to be currently working with students in a teaching capacity so that you, our community, get the most relevant and informative assistance available.


Our Programs

We have 2 programs currently available.

Our Enrapturing Education online community is based on Facebook and incorporates the ability for our members to access training (real life professional learning) and support in all facets of their teaching.  This is recommended for teachers who need assistance in a more informal setting while still accessing our mentors, training and teaching resources as needed.

Our Enrapture Program is a 1:1, fully personalised mentoring service where you have a mentor, quite literally, hold your hand through your teaching and guide you on all aspects, including helping you to plan, prepare and assess lessons.  This program is great for teachers who feel they need someone to talk to privately on a very regular basis until they find their feet as a teacher - they will be your partner in crime!  Access to your mentor is unlimited and weekly chats (at a minimum) are encouraged.


Limited Spaces

Our mentors are committed 100% to the teachers we mentor and, as such, we limit the number of places available each year. This allows our mentors to be truly focused on providing a personal, tailored experience for everyone, and keeps them available to answer questions and provide support as it is needed.


I love the online group

“I love the online group – it gives me the opportunity to ask questions of other teachers and to learn what my colleagues are doing in other schools.” 

Kelly, Sydney