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Why have a mentor?


An experienced mentor, someone who has been in your shoes, can give helpful and meaningful strategies to improve the quality of teaching and reduce stress levels of teachers in demanding times and all situations. In some schools new teachers are given an experienced on-site teacher as their mentor, however this can be problematic. Often those teachers themselves are overwhelmed and time-poor, leaving the new teacher to their own devices anyway.

Additionally, many teachers feel uncomfortable asking their peers for help in fear of judgement or looking inadequate. Our mentors give an unbiased, third-party perspective that an on-site mentor cannot give, and we ALWAYS have the time to help.


We've developed an accessible Group Mentoring program to help you get the support you need - when and where you are right now. See our Free 7 Day Trial.

There are also very limited places in our 1:1 mentoring program. Enquire about 1:1 mentoring.